11th Manila International Auto Show

Time: 2015-04-24

The biggest auto show in the Philippines, 11th Manila International Auto Show, was opened officially in World Trade Center Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines, on April 2015.  This four-day long auto event attracted more than 200 automobile exhibitors, including IKK, a partner of Jinbei truck in Philippine, taking charge of the display of JBC trucks.

With numerous auto brands, unprecedented huge discounts and  colorful activities such as Carnival tour and test drive of fashionable cars, this international auto show brought notable results to exhibitors by attracting a large number of local professional customers with purchase intention.

Two gorgeous models were invited by IKK to activate atmosphere and draw more attention to our booth. Serving as a symbol of energy and passion of Jinbei culture, these two beauties were popular among audiences and won enthusiastic response from them.

Instead of advertising on  mass media, precision marketing was adopted by Jinbei truck for this auto show. With such marketing mode, Jinbei truck are able to popularize its brands among more potential customers, demonstrate its abundant strength on product R&D and  real-time online after-sales services, and impress customers with excelsior quality and service-oriented philosophy. By attending auto show, Jinbei expects to promote JBC brand, improve quality and optimize services in a joint effort with  Philippine distributors.