Burma Baopo-Carnival and Myanmar-China Border Trade Fair

Time: 2014-12-18

Jinbei Truck Participated China-Myanmar Baopo Carnival and Border Trade Fair

Jinbei Truck participated in Burma Baopo-Carnival held in Ruili, Yunnan Province, China, in October 2014 and the 14th Myanmar-China Border Trade Fair held in 105-Mile Trade Zone, Muse, Myanmar in December 2014 to improve popularity of Jinbei brand in local market.

The Burma Baopo-Carnival is held in every October 1st -5th in Ruili, Yunnan province, China. In Burmese, Baopo means brother, demonstrating the brotherly relationship between China and Myanmar where mountains, rivers and villages are closely linked. The carnival has already become an important international festival which is celebrated by Chinese and Burmese.


Myanmar-China Border Trade Fair is held on a rotating basis in Muse of Myanmar and Ruili of Yunnan in mid-to-end of every December, which was given birth by the traditional baopo relationship between Chinese and Burmese and continuous development of Myanmar-China trade.

In the 14th border trade fair, Jinbei Truck exhibited several hot truck models, and received vice premier of Myanmar and interview from Myanmar Television Station, which demonstrated that the exhibition and the move to enter into Myanmar of Jinbei truck was highly emphasized and recognized by Myanmar government.

Based on market performance of products in different areas of foreign markets, Jinbei has upgraded its light trucks in a comprehensive way recently to ensure a great improvement in utility, reliability and exterior appearance of products. In 2015, Jinbei Truck is going to introduce its latest “Yunying” light truck and several other hot models to Myanmar to meet local needs. Jinbei Truck is committed to meet each needs of our clients with high quality and good reputation. Learn about truck by following Jinbei! We are willing to go with you hand in hand.