2017 MEI - Jinbei Yunying Light Truck

Time: 2017-10-30

-Yunying light truck was granted Excellence Award of Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards 2017.

2017 MEI Award Ceremony was grandly held at Westin Hotel Guangzhou on Oct. 18, 2017 by CPPTI and made-in-China. Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Brilliance Group, together with other six industry leaders won 2017 MEI Outstanding Contribution Award and Yunying light truck was granted Transportation & Auto Parts Excellence Award. 

Since it was launched into market at the end of 2015, Yunying light truck has been popular among customers with its beautiful appearance and superior technology. In 2017, Shenyang Jinbei has devoted itself to make Yunying light truck become a knock-out product for export. With a user-centered and market-oriented attitude, Shenyang Jinbei continues to innovate and improve products. Jinbei engineers applied Japanese ISUZU/Korean Hunydai engine and German Getrag/Korean Hunydai transmission to Yunying truck. The innovative matching of key parts has improved its international competitiveness greatly. 21 improvements on specification, 93 part improvements , 119 technical improvements, 55 quality improvements and 16 rust-proof improvements and 8 packing quality improvements have been made successively to promote its reputation and ensure product quality. 

Yunying light truck has gained popularity among overseas clients and local users as soon as it was launched in Laos, Myanmar, UAE, Philippines, Vietnam and Peru this year. This October Yunying light truck attracted much attention of Vietnamese and became a bright spot during exhibition at Vietnam trade show. The knock-out product helped Shenyang Jinbei to cooperate with some key accounts in logistics and transportation industry successfully. 

The Outstanding Contribution Award and Excellence Award of MEI represent honor, recognition, responsibility and encourage. Shenyang Jinbei would like to make continuous contribution and enjoy the joy of harvest on this great road to Made-in-China.