Overseas Launch Ceremony for Jinbei High-end Light Truck “Yunying”——Perfect Start from Laos

Time: 2015-11-09

The overseas launch ceremony for “Yunying” series of products, high-end light truck newly introduced by our company, was held successfully in Laos. As the first station, Laos lifted the curtain on Yunying’s trip to foreign countries. The quick spread of Yunying to international markets will bring all series of Jinbei truck into sight of foreign customers.

With the joint effort of our company and KingStar Auto Sales Company (Laos), the launch ceremony of “Yunying”, new product of Jinbei, was successfully held in 4S show room of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, on Oct 21st, witnessed by local businessmen and officials together with media representatives. In addition to 5 minutes long broadcast of Lao National Television and Economy Channel, several newspapers, broadcasting stations and network media also made some reports on this ceremony. With superior quality and perfect aftersales service, “Yunying” will be a great favor for Laotians.

As the first stop of Jinbei “Yunying” overseas launch ceremony, the conference site in Laos presented unprecedented splendor after two months’ elaborate preparation of our company and KingStar Auto Sales Company (Laos).The wonderful speech of Mr. Du Baochen, General Manager of our company, let distributor representatives look to the prospect of Jinbei truck in Laos market confidently. All sub-dealers were full of energy and called KingStar after the ceremony to negotiate the new orders, which was a good start for Jinbei truck to be sold like hot cakes.

Our company has established a friendly cooperative relationship with KingStar Auto Sales Company since 2013. In less than two years, we have witnessed satisfying sales performance and expanded our marketing network of more than 20 show rooms, covering almost the whole Laos. Thanks to full effort of KingStar and intimate interaction between our company and distributors, Jinbei Truck wins good reputation of in Laos. The launch ceremony provided an unprecedented opportunity for full range of Jinbei products to present in Laos. Stimulated by the new product, other series of Jinbei truck will also be hot cakes welcomed by Laotians.