Qualification for application

1, completely confident and intend to the coordinated development of jinbei automobile.
2, independent enterprise legal person qualification with the automotive industry, or ready to enter the field.
3, independent management place.
4, in the field, with good business reputation and financial strength.
5, with car sales management experience, can achieve good sales performance.
6, has a wealth of social relations, under the same condition, the applic ant has a brand car sales experience or relevant working experience is preferred.             

Application flow

1, cooperation intention investors should be in accordance with the provisions, fill in the application form for your company information and upload some photos
2, jinbei will conduct a preliminary audit.
3, jinbei will specify the personnel, the spot investigation of the applicant.
4, jinbei will invite qualified applicants to the company to visit and interview
5, prepare a set of the application of the construction of the data and signed a letter of intent
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